*Note: This information is no longer current. The Joplin Humane Society hosted a very successful Adopt-A-Thon to adopt out unclaimed pets displaced by the tornado. You can still visit and/or contact the Joplin Humane Society about adopting other pets.


Missing Pets – This information is provided by the Joplin Humane Society regarding animals who were lost or missing due to the tornado.

1 ) Where are the Joplin Humane Society (JHS) and the emergency shelter located?
140 E. Emperor Lane
Joplin, MO 64801
(417) 623-3642

2 ) What supplies do you need?
An Amazon registry of needed supplies is being maintained here: Click this link.

We can also use gift cards to places like Walmart, Petsmart, Amazon.com, ACE hardware etc. These are easy to store, and we can use them to buy supplies as needed rather than taking up precious space on supply storage that can otherwise be use for rescued animals. Donated supplies and gift cards can be sent to the address :

Joplin Humane Society
140 E. Emperor Lane
Joplin, MO 64801

3 ) How can I donate money?
Money can be donated:
a) through the “Donations” link on our Facebook page (via PayPal) here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joplin-Humane-Society-Animal-Adoption-Resource-Center/144041035612022?sk=app_4949752878

b) from our website via Network For Good here: http://www.joplinhumane.org/donate.html

4 ) How can I volunteer?
If you would like to volunteer and HAVE NOT already spoken to a staff member, please email: JHSpetvolunteer@gmail.com. They will need your name, phone number(s) and availability. Someone will contact you to confirm your shift(s). Please do not just show up at the shelter.

5 ) Can my children volunteer?
Children 16-17 can work at the main shelter as long as they are accompanied by a parent. However, nobody under 18 may volunteer in the ASPCA’s emergency shelter next door (which houses the tornado rescue animals).

6) I have submittted my information to volunteer. Why haven’t I heard back from anybody?
Thank you for offering to help! Over 1000 volunteers have shown up at the shelter to volunteer. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough manpower to respond to everyone individually. If you haven’t been contacted after submitting your volunteer information, please know that this means that current needs are being met. Volunteers will still be needed in the days and weeks to come.

7 ) I have found and taken in a lost pet. What do I do now?
The best thing to do is to bring the animal to the JHS emergency shelter at the address in FAQ item #1. This is the central location for found animals. Having them all in one spot gives their families the best chance of finding them. Additionally, veterinary staff is on hand to check the animals for injury.

Although it may be tempting to care for the animal at your home, please do not do so. Lost pets have a MUCH better chance of being reunited with their people at the JHS emergency shelter — this is where owners are being directed to look.

8 ) I am looking for a lost pet. What do I do? Where do I go?
Records, pictures, etc. of the animals being helped at the JHS emergency shelter can be found here: http://www.petango.com/blogs/joplin-tornado-14

You can also visit the shelter to look for your pet — the address is:

Joplin Humane Society
140 E. Emperor Lane
Joplin, MO 64801

9 ) I have sighted a lost animal, but can’t catch it. What can I do?
IF FOUND INSIDE JOPLIN CITY LIMITS, contact the Joplin Animal Control. Animal Control will pick up these pets and take them to the emergency animal shelter. For this service, Animal Control can be contacted at 417-623-6122 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. call 417-623-3131. After 8 p.m. Animal Control will only be available for emergency services such as injured or aggressive animals.

IF FOUND OUTSIDE JOPLIN CITY LIMITS, but it is presumed to be a disaster animal, Joplin Human Society at (417) 623-3642, and they will fill out a Field Rescue Request and forward it to the appropriate entity who will search for the animal.

10 ) I would like to help by fostering an in-need animal. Is this possible?
There MAY be some fostering opportunities down the road for individual families that need help, but there is no solid info to give on that right now. The suggestion for now is that you put your info under the “Fosters Sign Up List” on our Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=144041035612022&topic=330 ).

11) I am interested in adopting an in-need animal. What do I do?
A “free to a good home” adoption event is currently being planned. Each each animal will be spayed or neutered, tested for communicable diseases, microchipped, tagged & collared, and vaccinated.

Additional details regarding the dates and other specifics are expected to be announced on or near June 15th. At that time, there will be a HUGE announcement on our Facebook page and on our official website. Until that time, we are unable to monitor or respond to any requests to adopt a particular animal. Please check back for the announcement!

In the meantime, please consider adopting one of the equally adorable and deserving animals that have been sitting in the shelter waiting on a forever family since before the tornado! They will be just as thankful for your love.

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